Just Say No Lyrics By Fes Taylor

Artist/Band Name: Fes Taylor

Album Name: Moneta: The Album


Lyrics To Just Say No

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
Get high yo, get bent, yo, get high yo

[Fes Taylor:]
Yo, stop at the weed spot, give me an ounce of the brown
Pound of the green, roll it up, pass it around
Dutchies, Phillies and Owl’s, no rolling paper
Restaurants in Amsterdam, buy weed from waiters
I twist a fat blunt, and take a long pull
It hit me in the chest, hard like Bald Bull
Yeah, I be smoking dust, some call it leaky bang
Bombomzi, rat, it’s all the same thing
And cigarettes be fucking me up
Try to quit, but I gotta have one, when I wake up
Roll a half and an extra large cigar
Roll the windows down, light an insence in the car
Purple haze, Hawaiian tie, hydro, lime green
Red and yellow, have me feeling real mellow
Yo, I got a problem, I can’t stop smoking
Crashing while I’m choking, the shit potent

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[Chorus x2: Fes Taylor]
I smoke too much, I drink too much
I fuck too much, and never get enough

[Fes Taylor:]
I’m at the liquor store, about to buy a bottle
Crack the top, chest on fire when I swallow
I had a hangover this whole week, woke up, head spinning
My man L.I.S. passed me the O.E.
Drinking Hennessey, one o’clock in the afternoon
Five o’clock, been feeling like I’m gonna hurl soon
Still drinking, pint of Remi, X.O., half gone
Talking bout the next bottle, we gon’ gon half off
Bumped into Shows, he had two bottles of Southern Comfort
A fifth of Jack Daniels, I told him jump in
Fes be a loss for Bacardi Lemon
Christian Brothers, E&J when I’m in the zone
Mad Dog wild out, his low’s drink 99 Bananas
With my gorillas on Camelton Road
I got a problem, I can’t stop drinking
I wrapped the Lincoln, it’s messing up my thinking

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[Chorus x2]

[Fes Taylor:]
Stroking all these hoes, everywhere I turn
I love the shorty with a fat ass, cute face and fresh perm
I can’t ignore them hips, fingernail tips
On my back, gloss on they lips
Yeah, I love sex, it’s never too much
But I don’t wanna make love, ma, I wanna fuck
My grandpops told me, everytime she swallow
Say something or your life, homey, camcord it on Sony
Slow down, shorty, pass me a rubber
‘Fore I end up like my pops, four different baby mothers
Sometimes I bone a chick, then bone another chick
In the same day, I can’t get enough of it
After that, I go home, and bone my girl
Middle of the night, leave out and bone a homegirl
I got a problem, I can’t stop fucking
Love it when they suck it, drain my powers when I’m nothing

[Chorus x4]

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