Just Having My Fun Lyrics By Rebekka Bakken

Artist/Band Name: Rebekka Bakken

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Lyrics To Just Having My Fun

All the things I should have done
All the things I should have known
All the things I should have had
All the do’s I don’t

Laying in my bed all day
I like staring in the air and say;
All the things I should have done
And all the don’ts I do

I am here and that is all I care
I’m not on the run
Just having my fun
In the sun of my bedroom light

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Don’t know what is wrong about right
Don’t know what is day in night
Or why people grow older when life still stays the same

I am here…

I don’t need to take and give
I leave that life for you to live
It’s up to you and what I do is what I choose
It’s better with a simple mind
Don’t need a God to give a sign
I get my fix and don’t get sick, I don’t turn tricks

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I am here…

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