Just Fine (produced by PeaDi Ecks) Lyrics By Mike Stud

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Lyrics To Just Fine (produced by PeaDi Ecks)

This Feeling
Mike Stud
In the first song off Mike’s mixtape It’s Spring Break, Homie, he lets us know exactly how he’s feeling. This upbeat track certainly encompasses the Spring Break vibe — easygoing and full of positiv…
Ooh, what a feeling, it’s the weekend, let it begin
Bad bitches in my DM, you should see them
Run game like ESPN, yeah me and my bros
And a whole bunch of bitches
Take’em homer like the Simpson
Cause we just wanna party and bullshit
Gave her the cue, now she all on my pool stick
Super wavy, surfboard uh
She turn up that’s a turn on
Gotta see this shit to understand it
Living out this world and I ain’t gotta plan it
I figured out I ain’t got it figured out
No sleep, fuck dreams rather live’em out

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Just got me a whiskey bottle
I’ll be drinking ’til tomorrow morning
And everybody on one tonight
Ain’t nobody gonna kill my vibe
Can you feel it?
I know you feel it
Aww this feeling

They like he so funky, weed so skunky
Not Andrew, but damn dude I feel so lucky
Cause I’ve been doing great, nothing fake
Who got something to say?
It’s okay, I’m on the beach yelling “fuck your shade”
Cause I got hoes on my right hand
Some more on my left hand
No, it’s not a wedding but I am the best man to be with
Like G said “I mean it,” I love this feeling
And I ain’t saying that I know the way
It’s funny those who know that least got the most to say
And I figured out I ain’t got it figured out
No sleep, fuck dreams, rather live ’em out

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