Ive Been Loving You Lyrics By Morgan Heritage

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Lyrics To Ive Been Loving You


See I can tell you about falling in love with the wrong
A love affair ended awful breaking up in sanitary.
Couldn’t see that life was going by,
Cause the love I had just wasn’t mind,
But it was best to live my life alone.


Since I’ve been loving you,
Every day has been a better day
Since I’ve been loving you,
All my pain has gone away.
Since I’ve been loving you,
See my life turn around,
At times been going down.
Since I’ve been loving you,
Life has been heavenly.
So heavenly!

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I don’t wanna sound like it was sorry,
Cause I wouldn’t change a thing about my past days,
That’s when I learn so much about Marvin Dames.
Loving you has been a whole new experience in life for
It seems like heaven on earth to me.



i never be ashamed to say you told me
true love of my life. a great love story
becomin a better man as time pass by
the contract signed with articulate try
now i know the shorty was delirious .
the babe was mine. how did i consider it
i see most of the time. that i’ll never forget
give strength the dame. be the best met



theres been times in my past
i swore id never give
you can ask any of my friends
but i want you live home
never dreamed of you coming alone
this love has turned my life around
thats right
no more down

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to use words to describe how i feel inside uh
could only be understated, get it
but every twinkle of your eye
put my pride aside
to think i didnt nearly live to see you make it
as the world goes round and round
its a dream to see the tables half turned around
bringing love back to my door
is a heavenly thing
but i know you felt my pain through these words


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