Its Gameday (Skit) Lyrics By City

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Lyrics To Its Gameday (Skit)

Oh, boy, it’s a brand new day and I can’t be late,
got to get myself on the bus
No time for any delays, coach said I get
To play today get to get myself in the game
Got to show the guys I’m the best goalkeeper
They’ve ever seen

I’m just a normal guy trying to catch a dream
Held back by destiny
(not to mention by my team)
had all the gifts that I needed
To rise like cream
To the top, I knew that in a couple years
I’d be playing in the world cup

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So tell me why did you pick me
What did you see in me

Future plans and memories
Left behind me on the field
Losing season made for no respect
And then my fate was sealed
By the hand that gave me
Everything now took it all away,
Now I sit and watch a game that I’d love to play

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