It Takes More Than That Lyrics By Conejo

Artist/Band Name: Conejo

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Lyrics To It Takes More Than That

Ai les va otra
Paraque se alivianen

I said it takes more than that to earn this title
Duck tape muthufuckers till their signs ain’t vital
You ah rival or ah bitch ass actor
With this wicked boy G I demolish few rappers
And stay invincible though my presents felt
Cause when I’m done with the verse your neck got welts
Gucci belts to hold my pants up
Gun charge ah mirage and I throw up the H up
Paid dues I’m ah digital download
I took over you city now the world is with me
Evict me naw I don’t think you can
Homie stay on vocation if the listener bang
I step with them thangs spray ah sea of propolis
Ese due to the fact I’m ah boss like that
And despite you won’t catch me on twitter
Ese live and direct the perform is delivered

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This goes out to all you muthufuckers in the game

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