It takes more Lyrics By MISS DYNAMITE

Artist/Band Name: MISS DYNAMITE

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To It takes more

It takes more
The things that you promote
Fighting, violence like you
Don’t want to grow old
You talking so much sex, but
You na tell the youths about AIDS
And you na tell them
Of consequence no
You talking like you a G
But you killer killing your own
You’re just a racist mans fossey
Tell me who wants to know
What, when, who, where
Or how to loose control

Certainly not me, certainly not
Me cos baby, personally
I like to be changed mentally
I’ve heard it all before, gangstas
Pimps and ******, quality is
Born a girl like me is born

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It takes more (it takes more)
To amuse a girl like me
So much more (much more)
To confuse a girl like me
They’ve got you (got you)
Cos while your braggin
About your badness
You’re just avoiding
Adding to the real ****
That’s happening to us

Now who gives a damn about
The ice on your hand
If its not to complex, tell me
How many Africans died?
For the bagettes on your rolex
So what you pushing a nice car
Don’t you know there’s
No such thing as superstars
We leave this world alone
So who gives a ****
About the things you own



Now I can sit and chat
And spit about how I sex
But my business is my business
I got self respect
I could talk bout my press
Could pimp mans dough
Get the keys to his ride
And his home
But I looked it up and that would
Make me a ho, little sisters
Now I really got to let you know
Real woman ain’t sexing for no
Mans dough, real women work
Hard to make their dough
We can all chat bout gats and
Blacks on blacks and force the
Hypes and all the stereotypes
We use to watching that ain’t
What I’m here for
Show them to think higher
And aspire to be more

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