It’s So Easy Lyrics By Phonte feat. Eric Roberson

Artist/Band Name: Phonte feat. Eric Roberson

Album Name:


Lyrics To It’s So Easy

Wanna talk ’bout a friend of mine
That lives inside of my head
And runs around, around around
And back and forth again
It’s a love uncompromised
Not just when she’s in my bed
She holds me down and wears the crown
And I just wanna say

It’s so easy loving you
It’s so easy loving you

Before this girl came along
I had given up on my dreams
She placed a hand
Right where she said that love should be
Potential realized
I poured my heart in her streams
I follow her anywhere
But she allows me to lead

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La da da da da da babe
La da da da da da babe
Oooh a-oh
So easy lovin’ you

Let me address, why I’m blessed
While I kick this freestyle with my son on my chest
No major studio eatin’ up my checks
Ain’t complex when it come to lovin’ you
I wake up every single morning with the world’s best view
Of ya eyes and ya thighs, ya lips and chest too
She fresh to death yes extra special
Next step’s the best step yet so let’s move

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Love love
Love love
Love love
Lovin’ you (so easy lovin’ you)

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