IOU Lyrics By Kilo Kish

Artist/Band Name: Kilo Kish

Album Name:


Lyrics To IOU

[Verse 1]
You know whats up
Been feeling a little down 0n my luck
You wanna come cheer me up
You wanna shine a light on us?
You want to feel the moon bleed rust
A metallic crush
Of our native tongues
You want to be the burning sun
I want to be the only one

I want your love
You owe me some
You want my love
I owe you one

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I can be the one you want
The bed’s a mess
But your minds made up

[Verse 2]
You see me
I know that you see me
Digging deeper
Know you feel it
Whenever you’re with it
You can get it
Just don’t let me go

The girl
Let the girl sing what she wants
The girl
The girl’s a machine

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