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Artist/Band Name: The Beatles

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Lyrics To Intro

Boogie Down Productions will always get paid
We’ll take the wackest song and make it better
Remember to let us into your skin
Cause then you’ll begin, to master
Rhymin rhymin rhymin
Verse One: KRS-One
Criminal minded, you’ve been blinded
Lookin for a style like mine you can’t find it
They are the audience, I am the lyricist
Sometimes the suckas on the side gotta hear this
Page, a rage, and I’m not in a cage
Free as a bird to fly up out on stage
Ain’t here for no frontin just to say a little somethin
Ya suckaz don’t like me cause you’re all about nothin
However, I’m really fascinating to the letter
My all-around performance gets better and better
My English grammar comes down like a hammer
You need a style, I need to pull your file
I don’t beg favors, you’re kissing other people’s —
I write and produce myself just as fast
Keep my hair like this, got no time for Jheri curls
Attractin only women, got no

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