Intravenous Lyrics By Bel Canto

Artist/Band Name: Bel Canto

Album Name: Birds Of Passage

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To Intravenous

Send me a message
Escort me through the passage
Into the dark side of life
Let me slip, slip, slip into the eternity
I sense a light, a cave so bright
A cave so bright

Oh, what a trauma
Release me from this coma
Why won’t they let me escape?
Drip, drip, intravenous emergency
And so in vain
The heal the stains and wounds on my body

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So torn apart and bloody
I do not wish to return
I don’t wanna be one of the crippled ones
Do hear my prayer, don’t fade away, don’t fade away

Send me a message
Escort me through the passage
All I need is a sign
Skip, skip, skip over this emergency
Forgive my sins, don’t force me in
To live like a phantom
Still, this is nothing random

I’m meant to suffer and wait
But one minute more and it might be too late
So give a sign, I’m losing time

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