Interlude – “The Old Man” #2 Lyrics By Birdman

Artist/Band Name: Birdman

Album Name: 5 * Stunna


Lyrics To Interlude – “The Old Man” #2

Brian I want to make sure you and your whole crew is doing the right thing for you.
You got to remember…
One bad apple in the bunch is not a good thing.
You got a bad apple get rid of it now.
Cause all it’s going to do is make rotten tomatoes and rotten apples out of the rest of the bunch.
That’s where you lose your respect from.
You got to remember, the whole name of the game is being above board of everything else.
No bullshit. There can’t be no lieing no nothin.
There’s no going around you no guys going around you everything we do now is from the up and up.
All your guys if anybody you got doubt in your mind that you can’t trust them they got to go now.
Because it’s too late later.
Later than they got to go just like you say in some of your records
“you take the nine out with the seven cent bullet”, that’s all that’s got to be done.
If there’s any doubt in your mind now, anybody even if it’s close to you, they got to go now.
We don’t need anybody bringin’ any heat to us.
We got enough heat lookin at us all over us as it it already.

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