Inside Of My Guitar Lyrics By Bellamy Brothers

Artist/Band Name: Bellamy Brothers

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Country

Lyrics To Inside Of My Guitar

Bellamy Brothers
Inside Of My Guitar
Now, there`s a place I want to show you
And don`t you know it`s not too far
and there`s a place I want to know you
Inside of my guitar

In my guitar there is a garden
where rainbows bloom and shine like stars
If you say no, I beg you pardon
Come inside of my guitar

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I`ll make you laugh
and make you sing
and we can play among the stars
and we`ll make love and dance beneath the strings
Inside of my guitar

Now, there`s a feeling that I¬īm after
so please don`t think my love`s bizarre
but I hear music, girl, and laughter
inside of my guitar
(repeat chorus)
Come inside of my guitar

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