Inside a Great Stadium and a Running Race Lyrics By Panda Bear

Artist/Band Name: Panda Bear

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Lyrics To Inside a Great Stadium and a Running Race

Gun fires and each and every man digs in
They make a shuffle as each runner gets going on his way
Tears rise in the stands like water in a glass

Some say, “Go this guy”
And others, “Go that guy”
Packets (?) go and men are jockeying for position
Looking more like a herd of angry horses

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Round the first two bends and men are left behind
Arms up and down, legs back and forth
Lane 4, now Lane 5 takes the lead

Man down!
Someone’s been tripped up
It’s clear this man must receive medical attention
Man down! (x4)

The race goes on, lane 2 pushes front
Sweat on the edge of each arm (?)
Step step, step step. Find a way to get more speed
It’s gonna be close

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