Infection Lyrics By AktiveHate

Artist/Band Name: AktiveHate

Album Name: X-Synthesized


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Lyrics To Infection

Polute my mind with your tainted lies.
Try your best, but believe me: I will break these ties!

You’re an infection,
a nightmare that corrodes me.
You’re the aggression,
you’re a disease that I cannot see.

I feel dead and rotting,
Comatose and wishing.
Thoughts that will infect me,
hardship resurrects in me.

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I wish for death…
I wish your death…

My childish soul is easy prey.
You reach your goal…
I fail to keep you away!
As I fall down, I stretch and reach
And touch the cure.
I know you’re just a fucking bitch!

Billy K. Hicks

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