Independence Day Lyrics By Mindless Faith

Artist/Band Name: Mindless Faith

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Lyrics To Independence Day

i live in the shadows of cleptocrats
and brothels on pennsylvania ave.
with children of the leviathan
out for blood, whatever it takes to win

so let’s face it
many don’t mind another whitewash
’cause they sure love the hegemony
paying lip service to justice
through symbols and through pageantry

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we can move forward, we can escape
i remember on independence day
we can move backwards, repeat the mistakes
the choices we made on independence day

we perpetuate the legacy
of empire and of tyranny
if children of the leviathan
are blinded by the womb they’re nourished in

so let’s face it
no longer can we export injustice
and call it national security
so we must fight for independence
from illusions of democracy

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