In Hundreds Lyrics By Karate

Artist/Band Name: Karate

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To In Hundreds

Part nonsense
Part lung test
Sickness loved
In these hands

Sought numbers
For answers
In hundreds
I said prayers

Missed some trains
Lost some friends
Some forgave
In the end

I don’t want to tell you you’re the reason why
But you’re just a couple minutes shy of
Changing things for good
I wanna put aside this poison like I always knew I should
Knew I should

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Gently pretends
To be the end
To be an end

But what you can’t see
I don’t want to give it away
Shows that things look good
For the rest of the day

Now I trust a shiver to bring this body’s bad news
Voices might consider that it’s my time or let me choose
Now I don’t worry too much about what I really have to loose
because I’d surely give it all up if it meant some time, some time with you

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