In A Trance Lyrics By Blue Sky Black Death

Artist/Band Name: Blue Sky Black Death

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Lyrics To In A Trance

[Verse 1]
Your girl swallowed all my kids like Cronus
We’ve been droppin’ bands, dusk til dawn, no slow [?]
Kung fu soul brother, banned from most dojos
You can’t hold his tongue, bitch, I only hold chokeholds
What’s on the tube? Reruns of Futurama
Loadin’ up my Llama, waitin’ on the future drama
But my hipster white chick look a lot like Lana
She do that Rey, hell yeah and I got bad karma
I took my first steps, I said “Ooh bad mama”
I ain’t ever been a virgin, better cool that, Madonna
I grew up in the city where they grew marijuana
I said “Fuck CPS”, bitch I’m doin’ what I wanna
[?] should’ve got aborted, mothership, I got her boarded
Aliens, mine got deported, so that coke got teleported
I’m an agent, stay in orbit, cause they’re payin’ hella for it
I’m like Mandy, I’m like Moore, see the light, bitch better floor it

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So what, I don’t rap conscious, I’m in a trance
I’m in a trance, in a trance, I’m in a trance
So what, I don’t rap conscious, I’m in a trance
I got a cult following, don’t you hear the chants?

[Verse 2]
Fuck yourself, off yourself like I’m Orson Welles
Gather ’round the campfire, tonight we tell abortion tales
Eat my cookie whole cause I’m scared of what my fortune tells
‘Til I scorch in Hell, I’m cooped in where the orphans dwell
Stuck two sweets together, mighty morphin’ L
Put my ankles in that pussy, now my Jordans smell
I’ve been doing me since Amazon and Oregon Trail
Gut you’re like a fish, you’re a shark, we the Orca whale
You’re so frail, put your card up in the garbage pail
Your label sucks, barely up, all your artists failed
All the fuckery I halted ever since we dropped Exalted
Held the lean and then I alted, all the slugs is lookin’ salted
And I’m tatted like a Celtic and I’m ballin’ like a Celtic
These rappers gettin’ jealous cause my rhyme book is a relic
And when they hear this new shit, they’ll probably try to shelve it
She golly, popped a molly, then I took her shit like Elvis

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