Im Sorry Lyrics By Reckless

Artist/Band Name: Reckless

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Electronic

Lyrics To Im Sorry

something wrong with my brain/im goin insane,yup i been deranged/i aint tha same, my life changed/i remember all the good times me n my parents had/i jus sit and wonder why did things go bad/i seen their faces go from happy to sad/sometimes i hear them cry at night/i asked to give me one more chance to do right/im sorry for the pain i put them thruogh/i let them down and i wanna fix that bruise/i lost a few screws but it doesnt mean i dont know what to do/something got into me and i dont know what caused it/i didnt mean to hurt them but tonight im cleaning out my closet/i just wanna pause my life and restart/this life now iz startin to fall apart/this world im in is so dark/

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