If I Had A Chance Lyrics By Eric Roberson

Artist/Band Name: Eric Roberson

Album Name: Left

Genre: R&B

Lyrics To If I Had A Chance

She got my attention
But it’s hard for her to listen
To what my heart mentions to her
Too busy with these other guys
Who are too busy to realise
How special that she really is
They treat her like she’s irrelevant
Though I know that’s not true.

I see she’s the kinda girl
When she find love
She gives the world
But she gave me the title of friend
and I can‘t seem to shake it loose
And it’s so not the fact that I
choose to tryna gain her though
but I see if we thought here and take it slow
Then I might change her views.

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Why must my heart
Follow A
A path so
Far from easy
Why can’t she
Recognize that
I could love her
If I had a chance

She calls my phone all the time
I like her so I never mind
But most times she talks about him
New dude and she wanna know
why he does not love her so
Oh he’s so impersonal
He’s mind always drifts everywhere they go
I could say he’s not me

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But she choose to laugh it off
Amused by the way I talk
But the words that I speak be real
I kidd yeah, I joke a bit
But if she would consider it
She’d gain a arm like she never had
Life time love far from a fan
This in time she may see


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