If 6 Was 9 Lyrics By Bobby Gore feat. Khallee

Artist/Band Name: Bobby Gore feat. Khallee

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Lyrics To If 6 Was 9

If 6 was 9 i’de probably still add 3/ Dirty dozen kinda buzzin’ but you can’t subtract me “”
EEE””/ I hit the track running like a track meet cause naturally I’m high as Jimi Hendrix on the Hashish/ All the real youngin’s finna back me, like i’m sitting on a swing you can see my black feet “”weee””/ Nah if 6 was 9 I’de turn it to a P and force em to look up in that mirror and be faced with a G mee/

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If 6 was 9 every girl I pulled would be just fine/ For the simple fact that she’s one notch away from marching with them dimes/
If 6 was 9 I’de have the number 9 Jordan’s eventhough I find em kinda ugly and I wouldn’t sport em/
They watching cause I’m bouncing, They want to reach cloud 6/
I’m not a talker but a walker so let’s see about it/
I guess my major should be marketing/
Cause i’m targeting the rich audience and then giving to the less fortunate/
And rest in peace to the victims of 6/11/
I got some questions but we’ll do lunch when I get to heaven (peace)”

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