Iconoclast Lyrics By Nazxul

Artist/Band Name: Nazxul

Album Name: Iconoclast

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Iconoclast

To those who defy us
Crushing this light eternal
Invoke the blood of the faecal hill
And to the coming. doom!



Turbulent rivers of blood
Crimson tidal whiplash
Here lies the blade
Of Death..and black storms



And the light will fade
A new dawn
Crimson whiplash
Comes forth!

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Visions of fire
Symbols of Greatness
Will fall

I ignite these flames
on paths eternal
the age of darkness
will arrive

Glory to death
Visions of flames
Cty forth to me
Lost in times

The sing is so real, the sign is so real!

By blood and blade, by the almighty flames

I am the Iconclast

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