I Will See You Again Lyrics By Joel Engle

Artist/Band Name: Joel Engle

Album Name:

Genre: Christian

Lyrics To I Will See You Again

Verse 1
I don’t understand, why you went away,
I don’t have the words that I need to say
I can’t seem to find all the answers now,
How the darkness falls down on me like rain
There’s a light that shines with His love and grace,
For my Jesus holds you in His mighty arms

I will see you again, in a place that has no pain,
I will see you again where there’s no
More sin and shame, there’s no more tears to cry,
No more questions why, someday on
The other side, I will see you again

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Verse 2
Though you’re silent now,
I can almost hear you sing,
Joining with the angels bow before
The King of Kings,
And even If you could,
You would never leave

When this world of uncertainty and change,
There’s a hope that stands the test of time
For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son,
That we would never die

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