I’ve Got a Secret Lyrics By George Hamilton IV

Artist/Band Name: George Hamilton IV

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Lyrics To I’ve Got a Secret

When I was a kid I was pretty wise
I could whip any feller two times my size
Got me a skunk and I put im in a box
And I went to see the kid who lived down the block

I said I got a secret
He said well gosh George won’t you show me yeah

Well he opened it up and he got a whif
It knocked him down and it jarred him stiff
He held his nose and he let out a moan
I picked up my box and I trapsed on home

I’ve got a secret I’ve got a secret
Now you may think that it ain’t no fun
But just ask the man who owns one
It’ll hit you like a shell from a twelve gauge gun
Pick up your feet and try to run
But it ain’t no use it’ll cook your goose
I’ve got a secret

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At the age of twelve I went to a dance
Met a little girl who put me in a trance
I guess I fell in love at first sight
Cause we danced together most all the night

And I said ma’m I got a secret
She said tell me George

I kissed her big and it must’ve felt good
Cause it knocked her down like I knew it would
I laughed and watched her lyin’ on the floor
And this is what I said when she hollered for more
I’ve got a secret

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Well as the years went by I got a little older
Along with age I grew a little bolder
Me and my date was sittin’ in the park
And the moon was pretty and the night was dark

And I said honey I got a secret
And she said yippee

We sat there awhile and forgot about the time
And now her name is the same as mine
We got sixteen kids to keep us happy
And they all tell secrets to their pappy
I’ve got a secret I got a secret

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