I’m White Lyrics By Princess Superstar

Artist/Band Name: Princess Superstar

Album Name: Strictly Platinum

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To I’m White

Princess Superstar
Strictly Platinum
I’m White
I’m white and I’m from Pennsylvania
I don’t have no gold and I don’t have a pager
Where I’m from there wasn’t no scene
I got my information from Highlights Magazine

I drove a jeep that my parents bought me
Drove it over 60 but the cops never caught me
Wore clothes from the Gap watched the Dukes and Daisy
And when I got nasty shoplifted at Macy’s

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Sneakin boys up to my room
Hoppin skippin jumpin like those kids in zoom
But I brought home the 4.0 for my daddy Sam
And I used my fake ID to buy beer from the Busch Can.

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