I’m A Chicken Head (Skit) – Album Version (Edited) Lyrics By CAM’RON

Artist/Band Name: CAM’RON

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Lyrics To I’m A Chicken Head (Skit) – Album Version (Edited)

And you’re right, I’ll be a chicken ‘cuz you’re a cat
So I’ll do like dogs do bark and get my buddy passes
Blah bla blah

Sayin’ hello and then hung up the fuckin’ phone
Then when I called back you wasn’t pickin’ up the fuckin’ phone
I don’t understand why

What are you sayin’? You said you wasn’t gonna call me any more
So why are you callin’ me?
And so what you say a lot things but you don’t do it
You want to get technical

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Why are you callin’ me?
I’ll call you when I feel like it change your number
I’ll be a chicken so I’ma act like a chicken
Quack, quack, quack or whatever the fuckin’ sounds they make
That’s a duck, what you wanna be, a duck or a chicken?

Nigga, I wanna punch you right in your eye
I wanna punch you right in your fuckin’ nose
‘Cuz that’s how you got me feelin’ right not

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Man, listen
No, don’t tell me to fuckin’ listen you, listen where you at
I’m at the studio
Where on 24th I will go to every fuckin’ studio and find your ass, iight

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