I Look At Me I Am Happy Lyrics By Frankie Cosmos

Artist/Band Name: Frankie Cosmos

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Lyrics To I Look At Me I Am Happy

when you dont want me i look at my body
its awkward and dirty i feel unsturdy
when you dont hold my hand i totally understand
you just cant walk with ease, i pull it in my sleeve
and when you dont love me i look above me
and i talk to my god even though he’s a dog

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and i ask him if i’l be ok
and he says that he was once a stray
and that was when we took him home
and loved him and made him our own
and you have done the same to me
which doesnt mean that i’m not free
i dont know what else it means
as long as i dont become we

i can stay ME
i am happy
i look at me
i am happy
i am just me
i am happy
so differently

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