I Know You Got A Man Lyrics By R. Kelly

Artist/Band Name: R. Kelly

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: R&B

Lyrics To I Know You Got A Man

Man I walk up in the club*
And there she is
Sittin’ with her man
And lookin’ at me
So I walk to the bar
And buy me a drink
And I look over my shoulder and she still lookin’ at me

So I walked to the club
Actin’ like I don’t see her
You know – keeping cool and shit
When I really wanna meet her
And she bite her lips like she?
Just posted up (like a patient?)
Waiting for her man to go to the bathroom
Then we catch a break, because dude steps away
That’s all I need for me to make my move

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Said I know you gotta a man but (I don’t care)
Cause you’re lookin’ at me girl like (I don’t care)
And just all we don’t be mad gotta stay two steps ahead
Take my number call me text me wherever (I don’t care)

Now here he comes on his way back from the bathroom
Shhhh, we gotta keep this between and you
Now – I’m gonna walk away, he’s movin’ kinda fast
And if he acts about me baby; I’m a friend from your past
You and I’ll be sexin’ undercover?
See I just wanna be your secret lover
So chill with him tonight baby girl I’m leavin’
You just hit me up and we’ll be off until next weekend
Belive me, believe me, I wanna hit that,
Believe me, believe me, baby real rap

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[Repeat Chorus:]

Now some say it’s a shame, but I”m playin’ the game
Even dude is a lame, or shorty know my name – off
And it’s very easy to see, shorty gonna be with me
So while he’s buyin’ the drinks, I’ll be?

[Repeat Chorus:]

I’m lookin’ at her, she lookin’ back
She with her man, forget that
I gotta have her; like my money stack
I got her ’round, like my Cadillac
Download my music, I download you girl

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[Repeat Chorus:: {*till the end}]

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