I Gotta Go Back to Texas Lyrics By Irving Berlin

Artist/Band Name: Irving Berlin

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Lyrics To I Gotta Go Back to Texas

[1st verse:]
Far away out west in Texas
By the Rio Grande
There’s a ranch of many acres on the prairie land
And I want you to be knowing
That’s exactly where I’m going
In just a day or so
You’ll see a satchel in my hand

I got-a go back, I got-a go back
I got-a go back to dear old Texas
To the ranch I left behind
And the girl who’s on my mind
I couldn’t remain, I’m taking a train
The Southern Pacific bound for Texas
I’m simply aching to skeedaddle
Upon a horse without a saddle
And ev’ry letter that I get from Texas
Is covered with a lot of Xes
I got-a go back, I got-a go back
To the girl I left behind

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[2nd verse:]
Where the western sun is blazing
By the Rio Grande
I can see the cattle grazing on the prairie land
And it fills me with a yearning
That I ought to be returning
If you were ever there
I’m pretty sure you’d understand

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