I Fell For You Lyrics By Mr. T Experience

Artist/Band Name: Mr. T Experience

Album Name: Love Is Dead

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To I Fell For You

Mr. T Experience
Love Is Dead
I Fell For You
I fell for you. Im gonna throw a fit and if you fall for it you’re gonna
fall for me too. Fall for me. Can’t you see it’s the least you can do? I
did it all for you. What have you ever done for me? Well you snatched me
from the jaws of death, that’s true, and you rescued me with your last
breath, that too, but what have you done for me lately? I fell for you
when I saw you there, and it’s only fair that you fall for me too. For
love is this serious game where once you lost your shirt, and even more,
kind of a mysterious game where once you get hurt you start believin’
more, even more. I was created to fall for you. Now I’ve paraded it all
for you, so start falling when I give the signal. Ready? Go. I fell for
you. Don’t want to sound too stern but now it’s your turn, you’ve got to
fall for me too.

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