I Built My House Upon a Stone Lyrics By Jason Upton

Artist/Band Name: Jason Upton

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Lyrics To I Built My House Upon a Stone

I built my house upon the stone
A stone so rarely built upon I feel quite foolish and naïve
I took the lead from god’s own son
A man rejected by his own, his only throne a cross of shame
Jesus, Jesus
To the lamb of god who knows me by my name
All the glory, all the honor, all the praise
To the one my future hope depends upon
I am trusting you, I am trusting you my god
My story’s crazy but it’s true
It started out confusing too, it just gets stranger by the day
I’ve been the blind man on the road
I’ve been the boy running back home
I’ve been the sinner and the saint
But the love of god has never changed

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