Hurt Cobaine Lyrics By Isaiah Rashad

Artist/Band Name: Isaiah Rashad

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Lyrics To Hurt Cobaine

And I will never grow up, I’m a grown ass kid
I swear that I should be locked up for stupid shit that I did
From fucking with Bree, to rolling on E
But it inspired all these verses that’s flowing from me
I got Aquemini up in my tape deck
The art of storytelling, so compelling when you face it
This liberation, Antwan Patton taught me the basics
This forty, oldy, dopey, oh, suppose you’ll never make it
From your comfort zone, you so scary fucking complacent
Man these niggas losers, and they see this dark ass tint and wanna pull us
Over so they can search us, camera, yes sir, I purchased
I live right up the street, I’m black, i.e. I’m worthless
I was slinging my penis, I’m just learning the meaning
Of keep it safe with a rubber, these bitches playing and scheming
I’m smoking out of my demons, I’m hoping momma don’t see this
Me living my life by the day and downplaying my genius
Like goddamn, will I go out like lead singers in rock bands
I think that suicide is closer than mic stands
When I say that, know that I’m meaning that you can fight
For you dreams, but losers stand in between it
Am I gonna fall to my fist or shall I conqueror my kingdom
Some days we make it happen, some days we playing dreamers
I wonder if daddy miss me, sometimes I scream fuck ’em
But I wonder if he miss me, sometimes I roll another
And I go to the store, plastic cup in my hand
I ain’t tripping on hoes, you can have it, there’s plenty
She was cheating on me and play me off like it’s really
A consequence of my actions, like I drove you to sinning
And you a bitch, and even when you say you love me, you a bitch
I pray you crash like Caroline into a ditch
And then I pray you make it out without a stitch
Sometimes I pray for miracles like they exist
I question faith, I question God, I got a list
Of all my woes and all my lows, I give you this

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