Hunger Lyrics By Rhiannon

Artist/Band Name: Rhiannon

Album Name: HEARTSONG of the PHOENIX


Lyrics To Hunger

Hunger, Hunger like you?ve never known?
Hunger, Hunger like you?ve never known

Was a walk she shouldn?t have taken
A thought she shouldn?t have had
A story she shouldn?t have played in
A voice screaming in her head.

Angels and Warriors?
A battle behind her eyes
Warrior against warrior
No one to defend who I really am.
A girl tumbling in?down deeper inside
A girl screaming to be seen
Whom everybody hides
Tumbling down, down, down,
Deeper down the stairway of her mind
Wide eyed and starving?
Hungry for Life.

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Now they are afraid to look at her
For she is hardly there
A bag of bones is all they see
With long bedraggled hair

Hunger, eats you up, leaves you colder than you?ve ever known
It gnaws, it chews, it bites you through
And spits you out as bone

It begets a madness and flips your mind around
And when you hear the wolves inside
You know you?re Hunger Bound?

Be yourself girl and dare to go your own way
And if the wolves they howl at you
On some dark lonely night
Keep going girl, you will be alright
For your Warrior is deep inside
He?s strong enough to fight
And just like you
He is Hungry?
Hungry for life?
Hungry for life?
Hungry for Love?
Hungry for life?
For love?
For life, for love, for life?
Hungry for Life?

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