Hump Ahead Lyrics By Cueshe

Artist/Band Name: Cueshe

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Hump Ahead

A diamond ring
On your wedding day
Your glowing face
Just lights up the place
Two hours later
He’s still no show
The world just came
Crashing down on you

Sometimes life breaks us
Sometimes life gets us to where we are now
Cause we’ll never know
What lies ahead

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On a sunny day
Your wife gave birth
You knelt down in prayers
Thanking Him for your son
Then suddenly
The doctors came
She didn’t make it
“Lord what have I done?”

A diamond ring
On her wedding day her glowing face
Just lights up the place
As they’re about
To exchange their vows
The bride then said
“I’m not ready for this”

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