Here and Now Lyrics By Christian Bautista

Artist/Band Name: Christian Bautista

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Lyrics To Here and Now

You and I may never be the perfect pair
The kind most people dream
Themselves to be
Just as long as you and I
Are both aware
That life is what we make it to be
Then we won’t care what others
Have to say
Our love will guide us
And show the way, oh baby

From this moment on it’s
Me and you
The road of life ahead we’ll journey
And through it may be winding
We’ll go right on reminding
That we both have each other

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Cherish every moment
Darlin’ hold me fast
Live each day as though it
Were last
The only time and place that
We are certain of
My love, is here and now

We had yesterday but now it’s
Come and gone
Tomorrow still to come belongs to none
We had found the miracle of love today
If we try hard enough it’s here to stay
Our rainbows end may just be rond the bend
I know we’ll find it but until the oh baby

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