Hello Lyrics By Kuh Ledesma

Artist/Band Name: Kuh Ledesma

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Lyrics To Hello

You haven’t changed at all
You still have that same look in your eyes
And when you smiled
I felt my heart beating fast
And I knew right there and then
Something that I thought was gone came back
After all these years I realized
That I still deeply care for you

I’ve waited long for this
It’s been some time since we last said goodbye
But who’s to blame
We’ve got so much to explain
But I can’t find the words to say
I can’t even look straight in your eyes
Now you’re standing there before me
And all we said was just ‘Hello’

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Now I find myself staring into empty space
Trying to remember all our happy days
It was good to see you but I’m suddenly afraid
To find myself in love with you again

That’s all that I could say
But deep inside there’s so much you should know
One thing is sure
I never really stopped loving you

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