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Lyrics To Heavenly

we gotta finish this off right

for mum and dad…
being that place that I can turn to

cos we all need somewhere
yea we all need somewhere to go
yea we all need somewhere to go home to

I’ve never been rich and I’ve never been poor
which I guess made me appreciate everything more
for i’ve had a chance in a way to decide
to mix with people from all different situations in life
I saw the pros and cons and then rose beyond
all the negatives of each side the way I speak might be
a blatant display of the way I was raised, but shit
im proud of that and seeing as how im at this point
I wasn’t raised up being refused
my parents made a choice and gave me freedom to chose
my own way, in a way knowing mistakes that might come
and I think because of that I’ve learned to make the right ones too
now my youth in all truth was a hard time
knowing theres a place where you fit in that you cant find
half the time my mind felt so confident
I couldn’t understand why half the time I felt the opposite
I just wanted to be somewhere in between in my head
but instead I got the courage up to dream
because my parents had awareness and they taught me
that your own belief is essential to reach your potential
in fact to think of all the love you’ve given me
and me rarely telling you how much it really means
I had to try and write a song to try and make it up
and I could tell you all those things that I dont say enough

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now mum I gotta take a bit of time
cos I wanna say this right but I still gotta make it rhyme
you’re way above any label I could give
so ill just say it how it is, check it out

from the very first moment I was born
its like I’ve had a mum that was devoted to me more than herself
and not just that phase when you’re young
im talkin from that age all the way to 21
I’ve been spoilt, and as hopeless as it is
I didnt really notice as a kid

but now im grown and I know every sacrifice you made
so our home was our own little paradise to stay
and later on working 60 hour weeks
and still coming home to cook so you could sit us down to eat
and through it all you never asked for any help
as if in some way you just expect it from yourself
so I just want you to know that im greatful
for everything you’ve done and for everything to come
you spent your life trying to illuminate my gloom
now i’ll spend the rest of mine trying to do the same for you
you supported me in everything
I know that I can come and talk to you for anything and you’ll understand
and man you gotta know you gotta know that the man that i’ve become
is pretty simply cos I got to have you as my mum
and dad, without you I woulda never made it through
cos i’ve emulated you since the tender age of 2
or maybe before, but basically all im trying to say
is that it made me who I am today
its you who taught me how to have pride back
when I was young so now im proud to have a dad like that
you stand up for what you think thats why I do the same
now i’ve found a voice to try to make it change
you saw through all the bullshit
i’ve had my eyes open ever since
I dont believe it just because they call it evidence
i’ve seen the benefit, of having a dad who’s not afraid to be affectionate
through all the years that you’ve worked just to provide for us
and with every single dollar made you didnt get that holiday til
this year, shit its easy to tell
the type of dad you’ve been cos that speaks for itself
growing up you’d always come to my sport
and show your love and support so just one thing before I finish
I just want you to know that meant a lot
my childhood had everything that I could ever want (cos of you)
you gave me strength to be what I wanna be
and see my life and what I wanted to achieve
so from here on out, whatever happens over time in my life
you got a son that knows he can always come back home and feel better

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cos we all need somewhere
yea we all need somewhere to go
cos we all need somewhere
yea we all need somewhere to go…

Billy K. Hicks

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