Hearthammer Lyrics By Runrig

Artist/Band Name: Runrig

Album Name: The Big Wheel

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Hearthammer

With the eyes of a child
The wonder of it all
I used to search the stars at night
And I felt so safe and small

Sweet sounds from a Mersey town
And my nursery God
I wanted to ride with Yuri Gagarin
As he circled all around my world

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Lying under the covers, radio on
Settle down with Caroline
As she sailed all summer long
Sweetheart of the Rodeo mining hearts of gold
I think it was somewhere post rubber soul

There was the first caress
There were the labor years
There was the man that walked the moon
Something I never really believed

The Di Stefano twists the Charlton goals
Now I’m still here with the eyes of a child
The wonder never grows old
Heart hammer, the wonder never grows old

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