Heartbreaker Lyrics By Bianco Bonnie

Artist/Band Name: Bianco Bonnie

Album Name:

Genre: Pop

Lyrics To Heartbreaker

Bianco Bonnie
Lonely Is The Night
Are you the man the challenging man
Who is the talk of the town
Are you the one the merciless one
Who gets every woman down

Are you gonna break my heart
Are you gonna break my heart

You are so genteel,you are so cool
Are you just for what they call you


Come on be a faker
I’m waiting for your move
Cheat and deceive baby
What does it mean maybe
I’m too good for you

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I wanna get to know you right now
Wanna find out myself
If you’re as evil,if you’re as cruel
As all the others tell

Are you gonna break my heart
Are you gonna break my heart

I’m gonna take the risk and I’ll see
If you’re just what they call you



I’m gonna dare you come with me
I play with fire everyday since
We looked in each others eyes
Your poison strong you melt the ice
I favour you there’s no disguise
You changed my whole world over night

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I’m gonna get control of you

(Repeat Chorus)

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