Heartbeat Lyrics By Atlas Losing Grip

Artist/Band Name: Atlas Losing Grip

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

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Lyrics To Heartbeat

I stayed up all night thinking ’bout the things you said to me.
You know I think you might be right after all,
I always tend to see my life…

From a negative perspective, I just can’t stay objective.
Forgetting about the good things I’ve been through.
I should consider myself lucky, but somehow I forget.
Like when I’m feeling stuck here and my stubborn mind
is set on justifying my resentment on convincing myself.

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But I can blame no one else.
I’m the mastermind creator of it all.
Keeping myself down to avoid the fall.

I wallow in self-pity ’till I drown.
There’s no one like myself to bring me down.

Can I ever forgive myself?
For not savoring the moments that are now forever lost.
Convince myself it wasn’t all a waste.
And that I did not throw my life away.

So hold on to the moment before it slips away…
Slips away, slips away…
Or you’ll never forgive yourself.
For not savoring the moments that will be forever lost.

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And think of all the things in life that we all take for granted,
Cause before we know it, it’s all gone.

In a heartbeat, it’s all gone.
In the blink of an eye.

Billy K. Hicks

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