Heart Remains Lyrics By Joelistics

Artist/Band Name: Joelistics

Album Name: Voyager


Lyrics To Heart Remains

[Verse 1]
The world gets faster, the tempo skips
The mind plays tricks when the sunlight hits me
I get a memory flashed like a frisbee
Thrown from a thousand long miles away
Thoughts go deep and underneath
The ground that used to be beneath me
There’s a restless need to indulge the senses
Just to see what the mind remembers
Dive in, swim through the maze
Hold your breath and let go of the reigns
Caught in the rip and the current below
Mind got movement, mind got flow
From where I stand, the vision expanded
Over the red sand over the land
Over the city and the bush and beyond
Mind gallop over, countless kilometres
To a place where the oldest origins
Where the silent sleeping sorrow is
With a thriving creeping metropolis
Where the hearts are as heavy as the wallet is
In a colony that paints your dreams
With glinted light of the harbour seas
The flame trees in amongst the weeds
The greenest greens in the rainforest valleys
The undergrowth, solar flares
Sunsets spread in the sky like prayers
The rarest flowers cover the ground
Illegal crops support the small towns
A house on stilts in a cane field
And old wood mill with a chain wheel
Insects hum in the afternoon
Like a thousand drummers in a tiny room
And there’s a silver moon that’ll rise tonight
Shine a light along the countryside
Beaches give way to rolling pastures
Wheat and barley wait for harvest
Fibro houses with peeling paint
An old hills hoist and a rusty gate
A garden path, a big backyard
And a clapped out car in the front

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And the languid heat makes sleepless nights
Lazy speak, mosquito bites
Old timers who drive the road trains
Rolling cigarettes single handed
Outback pubs in the blazing sun
Fried up grub in the empty drums
Twelve apostles, hungry possums
Empty bottles, ancient fossils
Friendly blokes, racist jokes
And everywhere you look there a ghosts
Lightning flash, thunder crack
Rain come down and the sky turn black
Over fishing trawlers in majestic waters
Blistering winds on a ship wreck shore
Neptune’s wrath with a ledger book
You gonna pay for the fish that your fathers took
And families fear for the worst in storms
But some folk weren’t meant to live indoors

And the horses run, the eagle soar
The car seat’s hot and the breeze is warm
Drive the car south, follow the signs
On highways carved in to lonely coastlines
Move forward, sing the praise
Drive for days to watch climates change
It’s highly likely we’ll sleep in the back seat
With a rolled up pillow and a bed sheet
And we drive with a mess on the windscreen
And the bugs pasty at the speed
And the road runs straight all the way to the west
Where the sea gets down with the sunset
Road kill flesh, service stations
Dry riverbeds, and burnt out cars
Saltpan lakes calm and vast
Colours explode under skies of glass
Snakes and lizards, red blood ribbons
Buried in the dust and the rock and the grass
And the stars in the milky way
Transform the night in a darkened frame
Distant suns and constellations
Shooting stars and the sky is blazing

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And the gods they must be crazy
And the gods they must be crazy
And the gods they must be crazy

We are all spangled orphans, shifting fortunes
Channelling long dead spirits
We cling to the coast like ghosts
Sunday roasts, English hopes
Given way tied to an island with a tyranny of distance
With a heart full of gold and persistence
And it’s hard to say what we’d like to say
While Matilda waltzes the night away
Through the blood and the sweat
And the tears and the laughter
The sun and the rain and the thunder
And the creeks and the rivers and the reefs
And the valleys and the fields and the beach
I saw it all clear from my house on a hill
In a country for away I thought to myself
Til the day that I die
That’ll be where my heart remains

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