Heart of the Unknown Lyrics By Miggs

Artist/Band Name: Miggs

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Lyrics To Heart of the Unknown

She is rain in the desert
She is the dew on the rose
She is beautiful imperfection
From her head down to her toes

A child of the moonlight
She is water and stone
Lives among the planets
In the heart of the unknown

Oh, it’s a miracle to me

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God created woman the story goes
God created woman heaven knows
What is false and what is true
But only God could have created you

She belongs to the ages
She’s a lion and a lamb
When I’m lost with no direction
She will show me where I am

When my heart has grown too weary
When my will to live is weak
When I’ve hurt the one I love the most
It’s her mercy that I seek

She’s everything I can’t explain but somehow I believe
Oh, it’s a miracle, oh it’s a miracle to me

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