He’ll Quiet You Lyrics By Liberty Quartet

Artist/Band Name: Liberty Quartet

Album Name: Amazed


Lyrics To He’ll Quiet You

Verse 1
It’s not supposed to be this way you’ve trusted in His name
You’ve read his Word, He’s promised you His never-ending grace
But how does what your going through fit any kind of plan
How long must you cry out to Him before He understands?

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He will quiet you
When all you have is nothing – except the pain of suffering
He will quiet you
It doesn’t mean that everything will suddenly be new againwith all your battles ended
Knowing what is best – He may still send the test
But with His love around your heart – He’ll quiet you


Verse 2
Your friends with good intentions have listened to your pain
They come to you with answers but mysteries remain
Turn to God, He’ll comfort you and He wants you to know
He’s so near that you can hear Him whisper from your soul

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