Hats (Makes Me Wanna Holler) Lyrics By Incognito

Artist/Band Name: Incognito

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Lyrics To Hats (Makes Me Wanna Holler)

You see them on the jazz cats, dancing to the hi hats
They wear them at the races, and graduating places
The people at the lido, wear them on the lie low
It is a must for the cowboys, city guys drivin’ in their toys

I got a hat for the rain, a hat full of rain
Got a hat that would take you back
I got a hat for the sun some just for fun
Hats are where it’s at
I got a hat with my name, one for the game
Another for the open sky
I got one that’s tall, one for the fall
And I tilt it when you pass me by

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Lookin’ good baby, lookin’ real fine
Lookin’ good baby, so fine I want to make you mine
Makes me wanna holler
Make me wanna shout

There’s a sailor with a boater, a tailor with a bowler
Glamour girls on the beaches, as Halloween bewitches
On the streets of Durban bucket hats and turbans
The manor bride birdcage is causing quite an outrage

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