Gun Lyrics By Bobby Gore

Artist/Band Name: Bobby Gore

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Lyrics To Gun

My uncle had a few job
But he also known for (holding his)
And he kept a few rides
And he almost died (holding his)
Cause the bread is a must
So he still out here (holding his)
Cause his friends and the ducks
Aint really holding him up (holding his)
Daddy taught’em
And momma caught’em (holding his)
Cause the life got kites
Shits not right, still (holding his)
Now his son is grown
And he all on the phone (holding his)
Conversations to a minimal
Cause he don’t wanna be a criminal

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My uncle got a gun,
And he gon use it Work to hard for these gat damn people
Just for them to treat me
No equal
Since ’87
I was 21
And Bobby was 11
I could see it in his eyes that he had it
I could see it in his eyes he could grab it
Just had to attack it alone
Go and get is on yo own,

My uncle got a gun,
And he gon use it Bridge 1:
Get it back tho
Move a couple grams
From the trap do’ Nigga our uncles been had everything
You niggas think yall got
Since we born the prince of kings
Then all that hating get you shot
Don’t worry bout the boards
Worry about the Lords
Worry about the motherfuckers
Carrying the swords
Don’t wanna have to say this twice
You gon risk yo life…

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My uncle got a gun,
And he gon use it

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