Gray Eyes Lyrics By Ravenna Woods

Artist/Band Name: Ravenna Woods

Album Name: Demons & Lakes

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Gray Eyes

Lies inc. running through our heads at night and lies inc. convincing us that we can’t fight
Their system; oh…it’s hopeless.
Couldn’t ever rise up ‘cause there’s too much to lose
Would a little hope help turn those gray eyes blue – a second? Just one second…
We’ll build a boat with the ruins of this city that we used to live in; we used to care about
And when it’s finished we can all launch it through the Ballard locks
And go any old place; west, north or south.
Yeah I can see it now…
If I lose my life someday along on the ride,
Will you promise just to keep my memory alive through music and stories?
Wo-ooo wo-ooo wo-ooo wo-ooo wo-ooo woooooooo!

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