Goodbye So Long Lyrics By Fury In The Slaughterhouse

Artist/Band Name: Fury In The Slaughterhouse

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Lyrics To Goodbye So Long

I remember the place And how life smelled those days When we started And then Punk ate itself And we ate all the shit that we found, yeah We were sons of this city, Its heart was our home, six little caesars in their private rome, life was our friend and we lived it, like it had no end now I say

good bye – so long

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this town was not a model more a girl that we loved when she smiled, and the clubs that we played, to put it straight, they were dirty but fair, we were a bunch of friends playing in different bands, hard to beat this, it was bigger than big, but the years changed this town and at the same time it changed us and I say

good bye Ð so long time can be such a cruel friend
time can be such a cruel friend cause it moves on.


You can believe It was hard to leave Now its done baby, done baby, done baby I won«t return to warm up This meal again Its done baby, done baby, oh baby its donetake care we had our fun i swear, that I swear

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