Gonna Get Yours Lyrics By Floorpunch

Artist/Band Name: Floorpunch

Album Name: Twin Killing

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Gonna Get Yours

I see you at the shows talking your shit
Who knows how long we’ll put up with it
You think you’re a hard-ass when you’re with your crew
Sooner or later it’ll catch up with you
You bully your way into the show
You’ll get yours that’s all I know!
The scene needs less people like you
Don’t even try to fuck with my crew!
One of these days you’ll cross that line
For you and your crew it’ll be the last time
Me fighting you will make me stronger
Maybe you won’t come around any longer!
One of these days they won’t have your back
Me and my crew will be on the attack
All I want to do is put you in your place
You’ll get what you deserve
You fucking disgrace!

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