Gold Digger Lyrics By Nomy

Artist/Band Name: Nomy

Album Name: By The Edge Of God

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Gold Digger

Have you ever thought of me*
I’m living as we use to
Now everyone is doing you

Have you ever thought of why
You’re never on their mind
Because everybody knows your kind

You want to find him but he’s always at the bar
He’s going to hump you then you’re going to be a star
And then you’re telling him you want to se his car
But you are a fake a fake you’ll never get far

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God knows everything you’ve done
All the wallets you have won
Selling love is just for fun

God knows when you go too far
Lived your life through someone else
Everyone knows what you are

Have you ever thought of me
I’m working as we use to
But now I can’t afford you

Have your thought of love
What’s your price on that
Soon you’re getting fat

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