God Doesn’t Know Lyrics By Red Roots

Artist/Band Name: Red Roots

Album Name: The Middle of Nowhere


Lyrics To God Doesn’t Know

Mama always told me that God knows everything
He hung the stars and knows them all by name
And now that I’m older I’ve grown to love Him so
I found that there are some things even God just doesn’t know

God doesn’t know a sinner He can’t love
A broken heart He can’t mend
A fallen tear He can’t dry
God doesn’t know a place where He can be
In a moments time to meet you’re every need
Yes there’s some things my God just doesn’t know

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He knows each thought I’m thinking before I say a word
He knows the pain before a prayer is heard
Father to the orphans hears the widows cry
And somehow He knows the answer
Before we ask Him why

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